Routing View Europe 2011-05

by Pascal Neis - Published: May 8th, 2011

First of all, sorry that I did not create a new stat regarding the Routing View past month. To all the new readers: Usually I create an analysis about the Routing View of the OpenStreetMap Inspector for each month for Europe. You can find more information about the OSM Inspector (OSMI) here. The Routing View within the OSMI “shows problems in the data related to routing and navigation”. You can read more about it here … A direkt link to the OSMI Routing View is here!

However, here are the new stats for May, 2011: we have a total of about 124000 “Unconnected Roads” and about 108000 “Duplicate Ways” (number of duplicate segments). Overall this means that we have about 17000 *new* „Unconnected Roads” errors and only ca. 1300 “Duplicate Ways” have been fixed in Europe. For the past three months we have an increment of about 2850000 new OSM way segments for routing. (May 7th: 34500000, February 20th: 31700000, January 20th: 30600000)

In the following images you can see the amount of errors divided by country and the amount of errors in detail per country for “Europe”:

For this month only a few countries were able to reduce their errors. France (-2200) and Poland (-4800) are ahead of everyone else, so Poland this is your month 🙂 Here you can find the February stat of the OSMI Routing View. Hopefully this is going to be better in the next month :S …

thx @ maɪˈæmɪ Dennis 🙂