OSM Routing View Worldwide 2011-11

Really great news for all our non-European OpenStreetMap.org Mappers: Since last month, the OSM Routing View is available for the whole world. You can read more in Frederik’s blog post. Yesterday he sent me the latest results of the view and I did some analysis with it. To all new readers: you can find more information about the OSM Inspector (OSMI) here. The Routing View within the OSMI “shows problems in the data, related to routing and navigation” (direct link).

However, here are the new *worldwide* stats for November 2011: we have a total of about 1,3 Mio errors. We can divide them into the following groups:

  • Unconnected 1 meter: 248000
  • Unconnected 2 meter: 62000
  • Unconnected 5 meter: 170000
  • Duplicate (number of duplicate segments): 833000

The following diagram shows the amount of errors per continent:

In the following charts you can see the amount of errors separated by country and the amount of errors in detail per country for “Europe”:

Routing View EU 2010-12

Short update with new statistics for the “Routing View EU“. Overall the following amount of errors appears for “Europe” at the middle of December 2010:

  • Unconnected Roads: ca. 112600
  • Duplicate Ways (number of duplicate segments): ca. 139000
  • read more about the error-types here

This means that altogether there are 5100 new unconnected streets and 20000 duplicate way segment errors have been fixed (last month we had 107500 unconnected roads and 160000 duplicate way errors). In total we have an increment of 1300000 (+4.6%) new OSM way segments for routing in the past 5 weeks in “Europe” (this is nearly twice the number in comparison to one month ago)!

The following image shows the amount of errors divided by country for today’s Europe dataset:

In the past month several other countries were able to reduce the amount of errors, such as in: Austria (-3200), France (-4400), Italy (-2100), Portugal (-1200), Sweden (-2000), Switzerland (-4828 !!) and the United Kingdom (-3700). So I think the award for this month goes to Switzerland 🙂 . Germany keeps going on with its negative trend: A gain of about 2700 errors! It seems like the German OSM community is primarly tracing from Bing-imagerys, doesn´t it?

Routing View EU 2010-09

The OSMI Routing View for entire Europe is available for two weeks now. I try to create the stats for the view once a month as I did before. For all readers that are not familiar with the Routing View, you can find some information about it here:

Over all (according to the Geofabrik extract) the following amount of errors appear for the area of Europe at the moment:

  • Unconnected Roads: ca. 111000
  • Duplicate Ways (number of duplicate segments): ca. 213000

The following image shows the amount of errors divided by country. :

Here is another diagram of the “Top” six countries (with more than 10k errors):

It’s important to mention though that the German Routing View is available for half a year now! The total number of errors was over 50000 in Germany at the beginning too.

Stats OSMI Routing View 2010/05

Hi, seit etwas mehr als zwei Monaten ist der Routing View im OpenStreetMap Inspector online. Dabei zeigt der View Probleme in den OSM Daten, die für Routing und Navigation relevant sind. In den beiden letzten Monaten hatte ich bereits Statistiken über die Deutsche OSM Maillingliste gesendet. Die Mail von März findet ihr hier und die Mail mit den Statistiken im April findet ihr hier. Die nun folgenden Statistiken beziehen sich auf den Zeitraum vom 05.04.2010 bis 10.05.2010. Die Abdeckung des Views ist Deutschland, gemäß des Extrakts der Geofabrik. Der OSM Inspector mit den Routing View kann über folgenden Link aufgerufen werden.

Zu erst ein paar allgemeine Zahlen zum OSMI Routing View (Stand 10.05.2010)
– Gesamtanzahl der OSM Way-Segmente in DE: 7.499.150
– Gesamtanzahl der Problem im OSMI-Routing-View: 36.126
– Anzahl der Probleme im unconnected-Layer: 17.558
– Anzahl der Probleme im duplicate-Layer: 18.538