Routing View EU 2010-09

by Pascal Neis - Published: September 19th, 2010

The OSMI Routing View for entire Europe is available for two weeks now. I try to create the stats for the view once a month as I did before. For all readers that are not familiar with the Routing View, you can find some information about it here:

Over all (according to the Geofabrik extract) the following amount of errors appear for the area of Europe at the moment:

  • Unconnected Roads: ca. 111000
  • Duplicate Ways (number of duplicate segments): ca. 213000

The following image shows the amount of errors divided by country. :

Here is another diagram of the “Top” six countries (with more than 10k errors):

It’s important to mention though that the German Routing View is available for half a year now! The total number of errors was over 50000 in Germany at the beginning too.

So I’m excited to see which country will be able to correct a noticeable number of errors first! It will be interesting to see the new numbers next month … Germany has done a good start 🙂

In the past I always created a federal state comparison for Germany that included the error type “Unconnected 1m”, I think we should keep that up?!

In North Rhine-Westphalia and Hessen bigger changes have been made 🙂
Only Bavaria does not show a lot of improvement 🙁