Change of OSM object numbers through relicensing – Vers. 1

by Pascal Neis - Published: October 24th, 2010

Most of you know that OSM will change its license. This means that all data of the OSM project must be relicensed and therefore the contributors have to accept the new contributor terms. Some information about the new ODbL license can be found here.

Since October 9th or rather 10th there is a list of OSM member accounts available that have agreed to the new license. Here you can find Richard’s announcement in the OSMF blog and Matt’s announcement on

Based on my “How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap?” database and the just mentioned “agreed users” list, I created some stats. Sadly they are (still) not up to date, but in my opinion interesting enough to publish them here anyway. In the first attempt I used the last modifier of an OSM object (node/way/relation) as the owner of the object. On the second analysis I use the creator (version=”1″) as the owner of the object.

In my OSM-User-Database of 10/13/2010 a total of 104354* members are the “owners” of the following OSM objects (* Notice: Not every member of the OSM project has contributed!):

  • Number of nodes : 801562971
  • Number of ways : 66719256
  • Number of relations: 765276

You can find the current status of the OSM database statistics here.

As of Oct. 10 th, 2010 (00:00), 2831 Users have accepted the new license. 18054 new OSM members (uid >= 286582) have accept the new contributor terms automatically. I created the following numbers of OSM objects, which will be available for relicensing (at the above mentioned date of my data). If you assume that the last modifier is the owner of the object: (the numbers in brackets represent the percentage of the total objects!)

  • Number of nodes : 448027992 (55,8943%)
  • Number of ways : 31734455 (47,5642%)
  • Number of relations: 237699 (31,0606%)

As I mentioned above, I did the same analysis with a second dataset in which the creator is also the owner of the OSM object (my table is based on the full-history-dump of August 1, 2010). A total of 98415 members created:

  • Number of nodes : 796020493
  • Number of ways : 63879479
  • Number of relations: (numbers available soon)

And the following numbers of OSM objects will be available for relicensing:

  • Number of nodes : 431778708 (54,2422%)
  • Number of ways : 29885534 (46,7842%)
  • Number of relations: (numbers available soon)

Remember, these statistics contain the TIGER import! If you extract this import, surely the percentage of nodes and ways are less, about 14% or even more? Maybe there a several data imports which have to be considered in the numbers? Has anyone else analyzed this before? However, I try to repeat these stats in the near future…

thx @ “the fabulous” dennis