OpenStreetMap Crowd Report – Season 2015

by Pascal Neis - Published: August 10th, 2015

Almost one year has passed again. This means it’s time for the fourth OpenStreetMap (OSM) member activity analysis. The previous editions are online here: 2014, 2013 and 2012. Simon Poole already posted some interesting stats about the past few years. You can find all his results on the OSM wiki page. However, similar to last year, I try to dig a little deeper in some aspects.

Overall the OSM project has officially more than 2.2 million registered members (Aug, 9th 2015). For several of my OSM related webpages I create a personal OSM contributor database, based on the official OSM API v0.6. Anyway, when using this API, the final table will show a list with more than 3 million individual OSM accounts (Aug, 9th 2015). I’m not sure what the cause for this gap of almost 1 million members between the official number and the member number extracted with the API could be. Maybe some of you have a possible explanation? However, I think many accounts are created by spammers or bots.

The following chart shows a trend similar to the one of previous years: The project attracts a large number of newly registered members, but the sum of contributors that actively work on the project is fairly small. As mentioned in earlier posts, this phenomenon is nothing special for an online community project and has been analyzed for previous years already.


Described in numbers (July 31st, 2015):

  • Registered OSM Members (OSM API): 3,032,954
  • Registered OSM Members (Official): 2,201,519
  • Members who created 1 Changeset: 562,670
  • Members who performed >= 10 Edits: 343,523
  • Members who created >=10 Changesets: 137,591

Personally, I really like the following diagram: It shows the increase in monthly contributor numbers over the past few years and their consistencies in collecting OSM data based on the first and latest contributed changeset of an OSM member. It’s great to see that at least some experienced mappers are still contributing to the project after more than five years.


Some background information on how I created the stats: To retrieve the registration date of the members, I used the aforementioned OSM API. The other numbers are based on the OSM changeset dump, which is available for download here.

Next to the presented results above, you can find some daily updated statistics about the OSM project on OSMstats.

Thanks to maɪˈæmɪ Dennis.