ChangeSets in HDYC

by Pascal Neis - Published: December 9th, 2010

Last weekend I added some information to “How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap ?“. The “ChangeSets” (1) of an OpenStreetMap contributor can be seen now too. To be more specific, you get the following numbers:

  • ChangeSets == Overall amount of your ChangeSets
  • Changes == Overall amount of your changes within your ChangeSets
  • First ChangeSet == Date of your first ChangeSet
  • Last ChangeSet == Date of your last ChangeSet

You can make this information visible by clicking the “more“-link (2)! In the following picture below you can see the new add-on:

Notice that the date that is shown in the ChangeSet-information field (see image above) is always the same as the date that is being displayed underneath the “Your last Node … “-image (3). Check it out here: