New OSM stats webpage

by Pascal Neis - Published: October 30th, 2011

Last weekend I discovered that two guys created a new statistic webpage for the OpenStreetMap project. Both guys did a really nice job! You can find a bunch of information about OSM members, nodes, ways and relations (1) on their webpage. In particular you can find sums of registered or active OSM members or amounts of OSM nodes, ways and relations and their daily activity (2). Further, for most of the information, you can find weekly, monthly and yearly graphs (with tooltips!)(3). The stats are created every night.

Personally, I like the graph of the “daily active members”. Did you know that in the majority of cases more relations have been modified then created? You can see this in the relations “daily created/modified/deleted” graph.

I’m sure you will find some other interesting trends. Notice: It seems that they started this site at the beginning of October 2011, thus most of the information is only available starting at this particular date. Up to now I only knew of the “official” stats webpage here. However, a really big thanks to the “lost” guys (aka Santos & El Loco) … 🙂

The website is online here:

thx @ maɪˈæmɪ Dennis