Road Status after the Earthquake in Japan based on OSM

Yesterday, Bing Maps has announced a map for Japan, which shows the “Road-Status after the Earthquake”. The information seems to be from Honda (footer: “Status of Roads provided by Honda”).

My first thought: with OpenStreetMap it is possible too!
So here we go: The Geofabrik generates hourly new files for Japan (Sendai region only). It’s available here. I have written a small script that only gets the highways out of these files and after that I imported them in a PostGIS/PostgreSQL database. Finally they are available in a Geoserver WMS/WFS.

The processing steps with its time range are:

  1. Download OSM file from the Geofabrik Server: ca. 25sec.
  2. Generate an *.osm file from the *.pbf with Osmosis: ca. 40sec.
  3. Create and import WMS PostGIS table: ca. 25sec.
  4. Overall: ca. *1min 30sec* (A cronjob is running every 30min at 20 and 50 on the hour!)