Routing View EU 2011-01

by Pascal Neis - Published: January 21st, 2011

Overall the following amount of errors appears for “Europe” at the middle of January 2011:

  • Unconnected Roads: ca. 109600
  • Duplicate Ways (number of duplicate segments): ca. 125900
  • (read more about the error-types here)

This means that altogether there are 3000 unconnected streets and 13400 duplicate way segment errors have been fixed (last month we had 112600 unconnected roads and 139000 duplicate ways errors). In total we have an increment of 1139000 (+3.8%) new OSM way segments for routing during the past 4 weeks in Europe!

  • 12/23/2010: 29400000
  • 01/20/2011: 30600000

The following image shows the amount of errors divided by country for today’s Europe OpenStreetMap dataset:

In the past month several other countries were able to reduce the amount of errors, such as in: France (-2900), Portugal (-2900) and Romania (-2200). So I think the award for this month goes to Portugal 🙂 (Is the reduction a result of this action? However, nice work!). But further countries such as Albania, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Slovakia and Sweden were able to reduce more than 1000 errors each. Only Spain (+1200) and the United Kingdom (+2000) have a gained more errors!

The following diagram shows the total amount of errors for 1m, 2m, 5m unconnected & duplicate way segments:

As usual for Germany, the comparison of federal states (includes the error type “Unconnected 1m”):

Yay, nearly all federal states could reduce their amount of errors!

thx @ Dennis