Routing View EU 2010-10

by Pascal Neis - Published: October 17th, 2010

As mentioned in my last post, I am trying to conduct some statistics for the “Routing View EU” each month that show the areas where the amounts of errors have changed.

Over all (according to the Geofabrik extract) the following amounts of errors appear for the area of Europe at the moment:

  • Unconnected Roads: ca. 108000
  • Duplicate Ways (number of duplicate segments): ca. 182000

This means that compared to last month about 3000 unconnected streets and 31000 duplicate way segment errors have been removed in Europe. The following image shows the amount of errors divided by country:

If Italy keeps up the good work (-11000 errors) it will catch up with Germany in one or two months. But also Austria, France and Norway were able to correct a lot of errors. For some reason the United Kingdom does not show much of a difference and still has a high amount of errors!?

The following diagram shows the total amount of errors (1m, 2m, 5m unconnected & duplicate way segments) by country compared for each month:

As I did during the past couple of months, again the comparison of federal states of Germany that included the error type “Unconnected 1m” including this month, shown below:

The federal states of Germany are split into three thirds at the moment. In one third of the states errors are being corrected, the second third shows no changes and the last third even shows an increase of errors!?

thx @ dennis 😉