Contribution in percentage

Some time ago I saw a diagram on the OpenStreetMaps statistics pages which showed the contribution of OSM Data by contributor in percent (here). This diagram was created last year (2009).

I tried to repeat this interesting analysis with the latest OSM data to see if there have been any significant changes. The following diagrams show the results of this analysis using the mid-august OSM data. The last modifier of an object is being considered as owner. (I think it has been handled the same way in the diagram of 2009?)

Contribution of Nodes

Contribution of Ways

Contribution of Relations

The results are more or less identical to the ones from last year. 98% of the OSM data are distributed on almost 10000 contributors in 2009 and 12000 contributors in 2010.

Based on my “How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap ?” and the used full planet dump (08/01/2010) I tried to create the same diagrams but based on the contributor who created the objects (version=”1”). The results are as followed: