Growing agreement to CT & relicensing OSM Data

In the past I did some blog posts about the “Growing agreement to contributor terms” here and here. Both posts showed the amount of OpenStreetMap contributors who accepted the new CTs every day during each time frame (about 55 contributors a day). I created a new diagram that includes the past four weeks:

Overall for the past month about 57 accepted the new CT every day. This is nearly the same amount as during the months that have been analyzed before. But what does this exactly mean for the relicensable OSM data? Almost 2 months ago I did a post about the “Change of OSM object numbers through relicensing”. At this time there were about 55% of all OSM Nodes and 47% of all OSM Ways available for relicensing (you can find my post here).

I repeated this analysis with the current OSM data: In the first attempt I used the last modifier of an OSM object (node/way/relation) as the owner of the object. During the second analysis I used the creator (version=”1″) as the owner of the object.