„Nominal Members“ of #OSM – II

Last week I was able to present a variety of statistics that showed the amount of OpenStreetMap (OSM) members of the database compared with the numbers of  the actual amount of registered members.  However, I was just able to consider the most recent dataset (Planet Dump 08/19/2009) and could not take the history of the different objects into account. The results of this first analysis showed that last changes in the OSM database have been made by a total of 98.000 members.

In one of the comments to this post, Apmon mentioned that he had conducted a pretty similar analysis in the past but he had used the changeset file. In his case the results showed about 130.000 members that had contributed to OSM.

For a couple of months now there is a, for now still experimental, full planet dump file available, which also considers the history of the OSM objects. I repeated my analysis from last week with this dump file and counted all the members that ever created a node, a way and/or relation or modified any of them. The results showed about 112.000 OSM members.