In the last post “current” OSM user activities per day, week and month were shown. The table providing the information of Users per Country was limited to the “TOP 16” and just a short timeframe. The following world map shows the amount of users per country for one month i.e. 10.05-10.06.2010

However, since this first map just gives some general information about the total amount of users per country and does not consider the population in each country, we made a second map that shows the relation between active users and the population in each country. To develop this map a so called “OSM-User-Ratio” has been created which includes the amount of OSM users per 1 million citizens for each country.

Next to the amount of users also the total amount of new nodes for each country were analyzed and can be seen in the following world map. The total amount of notes does not consider modified or deleted nodes.