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TimeSlider for “Your OSM HeatMap”

During my really great vacation in Sweden I had some time to do some further adjustments to the well-known “Your OSM Heatmap“-webpage. For the new readers: “Your OSM Heatmap” shows the contributions of an OpenStreetMap user as a heatmap overlay. You can find my blog post with some more information here.

However, I think it would be a fantastic idea to add a time slider to the webpage. You can find it now below the map! The year of your first and last contribution is on the left and right end of the slider. With the slider you can visualize your OSMtastic-work over time. The following image shows the webpage including the time slider:

As a second feature you can now use, beside your OSM heatmap-link, the permalink of the map to point to an individual position of your heatmap! Finally I have updated the data for the webpage with the latest OSM changesets. Overall the heatmaps for about 150 000 contributors are available. Remember: Not *every* registered OSM member did contribute to the project.

“Your OSM Heat Map” (aka Where did you contribute?)

Last week Stephan released the neat “Where Did You Edit?” webpage. A world map indicates where in the world you have been editing OpenStreetMap (OSM) nodes. Unfortunately it is based on a full history OSM planet dump which is nearly two months old. Also, the map does not include any tools to zoom into or drag the map. However, Stephan mentioned that he is working on these functions. Keep up the good work, Stephan!

Based on my OSM changeset table of “How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap ?” I created a slightly different webpage and used a different approach. I used the weekly OSM changeset files and I presented the results in an OpenStreetMap including zoom and drag functions. Your contributions are indicated by a “Heat-Map-Overlay”. For this overlay I am using Bjoern’s OpenLayers addon. For better performance I generalized the total changesets of each OSM contributor. This means that it is possible that not every little contribution from a member is taken into account and displayed in the map. Anyway, I think the results are quite impressive, aren’t they?

My gift to the 7th OSM Anniversary

Most of you might already know that the OpenStreetMap project will celebrate its 7th Anniversary this month. Several events will take place on Saturday, 20 August 2011 at different locations around the world! You can read more about it here.

A small gift that I would like to contribute is a website which allows you to get some information about your “OSM-Age“. The functionality is similar to “How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap ?“. Type in your or any other OSM username and your or the corresponding user’s OSM-Birthday will be displayed. To be more specific the website will show your OSM-Age and your rank within the OSM contributors list. Remember: Not every OSM member contributed to OSM (cf. „Nominal Members“ of OSM). So it is possible that your rank is better than you might have expected. The date of a user’s birthday was collected from each users OSM User Wiki page (“Mapper since: …”).

Do you wanna OSMfight today?

Ok, you want it, you’ll get it! Maybe some of you know the nice website: www.googlefight.com. You can enter two keywords and after that it starts a funny fight between these keywords. Based on the database of “How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap?” I created a similar website where you can set up a “fight” between OpenStreetMap contributors. The following picture shows an example fight:

I am very sure you have some ideas for further fights, don´t you?
Let´s get ready to rumble!” >>  http://osmfight.neis-one.org/ <<

thx @ Frederik for idea during a talk
thx @ *Fab* for the user-interface
and finally thx @, you know it: maɪˈæmɪ Dennis :)

How did you contribute the *last couple of months* to OpenStreetMap?

I think most of you know my website: “How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap?“. It is a website where you can find information about OpenStreetMap contributors. You can see the first/last node the contributor placed and the amount of created nodes, ways, relations and other things.

Today I added a new diagram (1). It shows your monthly contributions to OpenStreetMap for the past 12 months as a chart and it’s based on the latest Full OSM History Planet Dump. In the following picture you can see the updates.

By clicking at “Get more Information …” (below the chart) you can see your past contributions in more detail. Separated into different categories such as created, touched and your “last modifier” OSM objects (nodes, ways and relations).

As a second update you can now see your first OSM way and OSM relation at the website (2). Check it out here: http://hdyc.neis-one.org

Growing agreement & relicensing OSM -Update-

My last blog post about the growing agreement to the new CTs is now nearly three months ago. Time for a short update: During the aforementioned time frame, about 32 contributors accepted the new CTs every day. Overall this means that since October 21 2010 there are about 43 contributors each day who accepted the new CTs. I updated my diagram with the latest numbers:

In December I conducted an analysis about the “Change of OSM object numbers through relicensing”. This time I only declared the last modifier of an OSM object (node/way/relation) as the owner of the object! The last and the new results can be seen in the following diagrams:

In my OSM-user-database of March 9th, 2011 a total of 120456* members are the “owners” of the following OSM objects (* Notice: Not every member of the OSM project (>350000 members) has contributed!):

What is your OSM Rank ?

And again, I did a small update to “How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap ?” (http://hdyc.neis-one.org).

You can now see your ranks within the OSM World, depending on how you have been contributing to the project!

Besides the regular OSM data update, implemented by applying the planet- & changeset-dump (dated 2010-12-15), I also added two additional rows with some information about your data. In the picture below you can see your rank in OpenStreetMap (1) separated by different OSM objects such as Nodes, Ways or Relations. The rank refers to the amount of objects that have been lastly modified by you (see also row: “… are the last modifier of:”). The percentage in the brackets gives you an impression of how big your contribution to the project has been so far in comparison to the whole OSM database.

Some more information about my current database (dated 2010-12-15):

ChangeSets in HDYC

Last weekend I added some information to “How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap ?“. The “ChangeSets” (1) of an OpenStreetMap contributor can be seen now too. To be more specific, you get the following numbers:

  • ChangeSets == Overall amount of your ChangeSets
  • Changes == Overall amount of your changes within your ChangeSets
  • First ChangeSet == Date of your first ChangeSet
  • Last ChangeSet == Date of your last ChangeSet

You can make this information visible by clicking the “more“-link (2)! In the following picture below you can see the new add-on:

Notice that the date that is shown in the ChangeSet-information field (see image above) is always the same as the date that is being displayed underneath the “Your last Node … “-image (3). Check it out here: http://hdyc.neis-one.org

Short update to “Growing agreement to CT”

In my last post in average ca. 38 members accepted the new Contributor Terms (CT) every day. I created a new diagramm which shows the increase of the accounts for the past month.

Overall for the past month every day ca. 55 accepted the new CT.

What causes the increasing support to the new license? Are more people getting familiar with the new license through publicity work? Or is it maybe Fabian´s ODbl-Map?

thx @ dennis

Small add-ons to “How did you contribute …”?

Because of the upcoming license discussions, I made some small additions to the “How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap?” website. First (1) I imported a new planet dump file dated 11/17/2010. Additionally the user can get the information now if the OSM contributor has agreed to the new ODbL/CT, indicated by a green “Agreed” at the bottom part of the page.

If the OSM contributor has not agreed to the new ODbL/CT yet, it’s showing a different message (3), requesting the contributor to review and accept the new ODbL/CT here.

I hope that helps and please remember: If a contributor has not agreed to the new license yet, it could imply that he/she does not know about the license changes so far!

Try it out: http://hdyc.neis-one.org/

thx @ Dennis