My gift to the 7th OSM Anniversary

by Pascal Neis - Published: August 7th, 2011

Most of you might already know that the OpenStreetMap project will celebrate its 7th Anniversary this month. Several events will take place on Saturday, 20 August 2011 at different locations around the world! You can read more about it here.

A small gift that I would like to contribute is a website which allows you to get some information about your “OSM-Age“. The functionality is similar to “How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap ?“. Type in your or any other OSM username and your or the corresponding user’s OSM-Birthday will be displayed. To be more specific the website will show your OSM-Age and your rank within the OSM contributors list. Remember: Not every OSM member contributed to OSM (cf. „Nominal Members“ of OSM). So it is possible that your rank is better than you might have expected. The date of a user’s birthday was collected from each users OSM User Wiki page (“Mapper since: …”).

The following image shows an example search result:

Additionally you can find the oldest and newest contributors in the boxes below the search results. Further you can see whose birthday it is on that specific day, or within the previous or following three days.

Soooo, what is your birthday? Check it out here:

Additional information: Today (Aug. 2011) the OSM project has about 143 000 contributors with at least one edit in the database. Remember that officially the project has over 446 000 registered members (cf. OpenStreetMap stats report). I will announce more about this topic here in my blog in the near future … so stay tuned! Or you can read the blog post from last year (2010): „Nominal Members“ of OSM

thx @ *Fab* for the user-interface
and thx @ maɪˈæmɪ Dennis